Our Objectives

Vietnamese Industrial Hygiene Association (VIHA) sets solid objectives below to:

  • improve, promote and develop the professional practice of occupational hygiene so as to improve and protect worker health and well-being throughout the world;
  • promote the exchange of information about occupational hygiene among organizations and individuals internationally;
  • improve the caliber of practitioners of occupational hygiene internationally by promoting and coordinating vocational training and by encouraging the further development of and seeking to promote the status of occupational hygiene as a profession throughout the world;
  • collaborate and cooperate with other societies, national and international organizations in the promotion of occupational hygiene for the protection of work force;
  • provide the international voice of the occupational hygiene profession through its recognition as a non-governmental organization (NGO) by the ILO (International Labor Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization); and
  • advance and maintain the high level of professional competence through recognition of national accreditation schemes;
  • promote and maintain a high standard of ethics in the practice of occupational hygiene internationally.